Hedge Fund Managers

Despite the huge influx of hedge fund startups, the industry is still flush with capital for qualified money managers. Corinthian Partners offers a variety of services to fund managers, primarily:

  • Helping you clearly articulate your value proposition within an investor’s diversified portfolio, help you evaluate sufficient scale to support institutional-quality operations and risk management infrastructure and communicate your strategy and its sources of alpha.
  • Assisting clients in increasing assets under management;
  • Diversifying their investor base;
  • Introducing strategic partners when necessary.

Investors seek performance, transparency, risk management, reputation, infrastructure and preservation of capital/growth. Corinthian is interested in meeting managers with:

  • Track records of 1 to 3 years;
  • Assets under management between $10 and $300MM, with significant personal capital invested;
  • Focus on performance, risk-management and ability to sustain delivery. We are not strategy specific.
  • Strategies should that are liquid and scalable. The investment process should be logical.

We encourage all qualified managers to register (monthly performance data, resume, summary of fund strategy and AUM history).

Please send all marketing material to Richard Taglianetti at richardtag@corinthianpartners.com

At Corinthian Partners, we understand that the success of a fund requires more than just savvy navigation of the markets. Securing a diverse, solid capital base from sophisticated investors is paramount to a successful fund. Our record of success and commitment to the hedge fund industry has allowed us to represent some of the most sophisticated investors and managers around the globe.